What is Hwa Rang Do®?
Hwa Rang Do® is a Traditional Martial Art that reveals the knowledge of the legendary “Hwarang” knights from Silla, an ancient kingdom of Korea. Hwarang warriors were noblemen, trained to be leaders in many different fields: such as army commanders, masters of arts and sciences, king’s counsellors…

If you keep reading this description,  it means that you are looking for something empowering and noble as it was the doing of those ancient noblemen.

Which is the next step to be a Leader? Hwa Rang Do® is a school of Leadership!
No matter how old you are or what physical conditions you are in, with the help of a professional instructor you will empower your mind in order to gain access to full potential of your physical and mental capabilities. Hwa Rang Do®  is leading you becoming a great Leader through a wide variety of martial skills and healing techniques. These are challenging but also exciting, achievable and a great deal of fun. 

How to get successful in a complex and comprehensive martial Art?
Hwa Rang Do® curriculum has been divided into Sashes in order to motivate students towards achievable goals. The World Hwa Rang Do®Association provides direct support to each student through a wide range of devices: online recorded lessons of Masters and real-time streaming classes, books, CD, online community and video-archives.

Tae Soo Do® curriculum
Furthermore we also need to mention Tae Soo Do®, a specific martial art system developed for introducing beginners to the world of Hwa Rang Do®. Tae Soo Do® is also divided into Belts and has been specifically designed for newcomers to martial arts.

In addition to the above, the brotherhood bond amongst all worldwide branches is very strong. All students meet at least once a year at a worldwide seminar and tournament.

Further information on: www.hwarangdo.com